Exodus 20.7
   Don't abuse the name of God




Media Focus

Fourth “Media Focus” shortly

The old saying goes – “prayer changes things”. This is not just a well known saying, but also the experience of God’s children. The “Jesus Project” can testify that the Lord has provided in special ways since its inception six years ago.

The “film and Publication Board” recently announced that a “B” symbol classification will be added to all movies that contains blasphemous references to the Name of God. This way, prospective viewers can make informed decisions. Rev. Jannie Pelser, organizer of the Jesus Project, believes that this concession is a direct result of the prayers of Christians. More than a million believers have pledged their support to the goals of this project by signature or email. Recent research indicated that the use of the Lord’s Name on SABC television decreased dramatically. During the previous three media fast campaigns, earnest prayer and intersession for the transformation of the media was uttered. God hears the prayers of his people.

The fourth annual “Media Focus” is scheduled for 1-10 May 2008 and is held in conjunction with Transformation Africa. During these ten days, entertainment on television and theatres are avoided (hence “Media Focus”) in order to pray for the media. A prayer calendar is available to direct believers in their prayers.

Together with this, believers are encouraged to rediscover the grace of family life by spending more time together. Time that would otherwise have been spent in front of the television can now be “channeled“ into doing something constructive to and with people in need. A national day of prayer for the media will be held on Sunday 4 May. On this day congregations will pray that media reporting and entertainment will be constructive and to the glory of God.

On Thursday 1 May 2008, national “Jesus Marches” are organized. Communities, towns and cities are encouraged to demonstrate their unified love for Jesus in a visible and audible manner. Matters of national interest i.e. moral issues such as crime, violence and the media can be aired through the use of placards and banners. An action plan is available to support organizers in the planning of such an event.

Information bundles have already been distributed to congregations nationally. If these have not been received it can be re-ordered at 011 665 2516. Information can also be downloaded from this website.

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