Exodus 20.7
   Don't abuse the name of God




Letter to Hollywood Directors, Producers and Presidents

The Jesus Project wrote the following letter to Directors, Producers and Presidents in Hollywood.

"Re Blasphemy


The Jesus Project addresses the abuse of the Name of God in the media, especially the entertainment industry.  This initiative is supported by millions of believers in South Africa.  We have sent numerous post cards over the last months to various role-players.

Even though we have not received any official reply from you, we believe that you have taken notice of our appeal.  We are almost certain that you have given the whole issue due consideration and have sought ways in which this matter can be addressed.

Not all uses of the Name of God are frivolous in nature.  Sometimes the use/reference to God's Name is contextually motivated.  When confronted with tragedy, trauma, etc., calling on the Name of God can be interpreted as a prayer.  When, however, the words "Oh my God, Jesus Christ, God damned" are used to express other emotions, the context often clearly indicates that no prayer or testimony was intended.  It shows little regard for the convictions of millions of people worldwide.

Thank you for understanding that people of faith finds it offensive when Gods' Name is blasphemed.  We believe that the industry generally values the support of viewers and would not intentionally offend them.

We recently had a very meaningful development in South Africa.  Viewers are warned in advance when a particular movie contains blasphemous exclamations.  (The South African Film and Publications Board).  This helps believers to make informed decisions before they support a particular film.

Even though this is not the ideal, believers are thankful as it demonstrates consideration on the part of the monitoring authorities.

We sincerely hope that the industry will make a firm commitment to abstain from references that can be interpreted as abuse.

It would be appreciated if we could receive some kind of response from you indicative of your stance on this issue.

Thank you once again for your kind consideration.

Rev. Jannie Pelser (Organizer)"

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